reasons why or how to stop spending too much?

5 reasons why or how to stop spending too much?

Last Updated 24.06.2022

There is a very cool technique, thanks to which you can make almost any decision. In global corporations, this technique is taught to staff and many decisions are made using this technique. And it can help your personal budget!

Do you think that technology is applicable only in large corporations, but in life it cannot be applied in any way? Another way to apply, and this technique works especially well in personal (well, or family) finances!

We recommend using it when you are planning expenses and especially when you or your family are trying to make spontaneous, unplanned purchases. Often this happens during sales.

Recently, my wife and I went to a sports hypermarket as we needed to do planned shopping before our trip. Usually we buy everything online to save time, but here we had to shop in the store and needed a long fitting.

It turned out that we were on a sales period, and I had time to watch the buyers. Many of them made completely different purchases – from a sleeping bag to new tires for a bicycle and clothes for mountain tourism.

Moreover, it was clear that almost none of the buyers would need all this equipment and clothes in the near future, many bought on emotions because of 50% discounts and hoped that they would go in for these sports, since they already had the right equipment and clothes.

If they used the “5 why” technique, they would save some of their money.

The technique is very easy and I will now explain it to you with an example:

For example, you also found yourself on sale, and now you are making a decision whether you need a new smartphone now that you were not going to buy, but now it has a great discount. For example, 50% off the regular price.

For this price you get a smart smartphone. What decision will you make?

Let’s try to run this idea through “5 whys”:

  1. Why do you want to buy this smartphone?

    → Because I want to surprise my colleagues.

  2. Why do you want to surprise your colleagues.?

    → Because I want to draw attention to myself.

  3. Why do you want to draw attention to yourself?

    → Because I have nothing to surprise them yet, I feel insecure.

  4. Why do you feel insecure?

    → Because I want to realize myself in the profession.

  5. Why do you want to realize yourself in the profession?

    → Because I don’t like what I’m doing.

So what about the new smartphone? After all, it’s about the profession you’re in. To the 5th “why?” always finds out the real problem.

This was one of the simple techniques that will help you make almost any financial decision, and most importantly, save your finances from spontaneous purchases.

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