Wedding Loans

Life-changing moments should be memorable. Wedding loans in South Africa make your life events unforgettable and enable you to afford all the best things. There is no need to settle for less and deprive yourself of a nice dress and a large party. It is traditional for families to invite many people. The average African family consists of hundreds of members. If you want everyone to become a part of your celebration, it is high time to think about a nice venue. In addition to banks, many lenders offer wedding loans on good terms. The number of ways you can get money is countless. It all depends on the sum, your bank records, your employment, and your income. Even if you have a bad reputation with banks, there is still a way out.

What is the aim of a wedding loan?

If you have not started planning your wedding, you might not realize how expensive everything is. For example, the venue for a hundred people or more costs a fortune and must be booked and pre-paid. Then catering and food will come in a separate bill. If you want a large party with all your family members, you need to think of kids, older people, etc. The facilities for the party will require a lot of work. Hence, hiring a manager or wedding planner will sound like a good option to you. Now, think about the budget. If you see that what you have is not enough, resort to a loan option.

What are the terms of getting wedding loans in South Africa?

A couple of things are international requirements, and cannot be taken for granted when applying for wedding loans, South Africa is not an exception. Here they are:

  • Only adults can apply (meaning those who reached the age of 18);
  • At least one person in a couple must be a resident (not necessarily a citizen, but have proper permission to live in a country);
  • Official employment or any other type of income that is regular (meaning you have money coming to your account every month);
  • Good bank history (it does not mean that you are not eligible to get wedding loans for bad credit);
  • Identification document (passport recommended).

At times documents that prove your ownership of some property or business serve as a good reason to give you money. It is recommended to give all possible documents that show that you can pay back.

Is it possible to get wedding loans with bad credit in South Africa?

Whatever you need to buy for your wedding, there is a way to pay for it up front and have your dream party. You can get a loan even if you have a mortgage or student debt. Every company gives you a credit score, and at times, the amount of money that exceeds R250 000 might be hard to get. Everything that is below that amount is quite simple to receive and payback.


If you have a bad credit history and your previous deals with banks were not great, your interest rate will be higher. There is always a silver lining, you will get the money you need within a short time. However, there will be 20-40 % overpayment. All you need to know is that this decision should not be rushed. Think about the cost-saving. Check out the types of loans, and look at secured loans. Maybe you have a property that you can use for that. In any case, wedding loans are accessible, it is a matter of how affordable they are for people with bad credit scores.

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